Windows 10 discontinues the Media Center

If you have upgraded to the Window 10 software, you may be a bit frustrated when trying to find your Windows Media Center. The software, which was present in Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 cannot be found as it is no longer a part of Windows. So what are those which had the program in previous OS systems to do? Obviously, a transition to software that does not exist is out of the question. Hopefully, you backed up your files prior to your upgrade, if so, this is what you can do to get media on your Windows 10 operating system and what you need to know about the media center on older devices.

Pay for Microsoft’s DVD player, and similar apps

Microsoft claims that the Windows media center was discontinued due to a lack of use. And while this may be the case, there are those who wish to have a bit more functionality with their DVD, blue rays, and media than the stock player provides. If this is the case, you will need to purchase the DVD player from windows and similar apps. There are quite a few of them which are available, depending upon your needs.

An additional solution would be to use a plug-n-play peripheral with your computer. This bypasses the need to have a specific player if the software to play DVDs or Blu-ray disks are included with the peripheral. Depending upon the computer, you may be able to use a USB to connect tablets, phones, and MP3 players to stream content directly to the computer (a sort of using your monitor as a enlargement screen but using the device as the delivering device).

There are some free options which are available. However, these tend to be limited in their functionality, requiring a premium or an upgrade purchase to have them work. Additionally, using the free applications do not have any support from Windows or Microsoft.

What to do if you must have a Windows Media Center

If you desire to have the windows media center as part of your OS system, then you may wish to purchase an older version of the Windows operating system. The windows 7 system comes with the Dolby owned software program, and you will be able to access it from the main menu. Those who have windows 8 may be able to purchase the windows application for windows 8 and 8.1. Should you have already purchased this application for an older system, Windows may allow you to transition the application from Windows 7 to Windows 8 or 8.1.

To access the WMC from Windows 7 or 8 simply run a search in the start menu. Those who have the original disks for their system must install all components from all discs to get the media center. Should you find that you do not have the Windows media center on a legal version of Windows 7, you may have to purchase this from a third party as, again support for Windows 7 is no longer available.

Use the work around method

This method is not supported by windows or Microsoft, but a number of users who were avid users of the WMC have found that it works. To work around and install Windows Media center on your Windows 10 platform, you must first have the Windows Media center. Extract the file onto the main system drive and open it. You will need to have a script from a third party to code in the work around. This can be found here. Simply run the TestRights.cmd file as administrator, then the installer.cmd file as administrator and you are done.

Note: This fix is not from Microsoft and so you should install at your own risk. You will need an WIM extractor software as this program was intended for Win 7 and Vista, both of which are now not supported by Microsoft. Do not use hacked keys or pirated software to install the WMC on your computer. Such could harm the motherboard or the partitions of your computer resulting in a need to reinstall the OS or in a useless computer.

What to do if you have Windows 10?

The windows media center is not available for Windows 10, and therefore those who wish to store their digital libraries will need to do so from other sources. This is not an inconvenience as the availability of Netflix, Vudu, Hulu, Disneymovies anywhere, and moviesanywhere, allow for such to happen. Music can be contained on iTunes, Amazon Prime, or the Google Store. And while there may be frustrations with the number of apps which may be required to keep all of your media, many of the applications and software available offers syncing abilities to minimize the need to access each app individually.

Bundled software has also been developed for Windows 10 which mimics the functionality and the features of the Windows media center. Ensure that the software that you choose is compatible with Windows programs as well as your computer software.