Anyone who has a Mac will know that the operating system is second to none. But many users and a good few businesses also want to be able to use Windows as well.
The advantages of having Windows available is that it can save on IT costs, allow you to use software that is only supported by Windows and removes the need to switch from one computer to another just to get your work done. The good news is that, as long as you have enough memory, it’s relatively easy to accomplish.

What is Bootcamp?

Bootcamp is a piece of software that comes with newer Macs (mostly 2012 upwards) and can be used to download Windows and switch between the two operating systems relatively seamlessly.
If you want to install Windows on Mac with Bootcamp, you can do it with as little as 64GB free storage space. Ideally, however, you want a minimum of 128GB available. As a general rule of thumb, your Windows programme needs as much free storage space as your Mac has RAM.

How to Install Windows on Mac

• It’s useful to unplug any external devices or drives that you won’t need before you start the full install.
• The first thing you will need to do is download a copy of Windows from the Microsoft website.
• Open the utilities folder and click on Applications to find the Bootcamp Assistant.
• Once it opens, it should find the ISO version of Windows that has been downloaded.
• Click on continue.

The next step is to set the partition. This will depend n the RAM that you have and, as we’ve said, you want a similar value for the storage and operation of Windows. The default is 48GB. Simply move the slider to increase the partition. Make sure you get this right because you can’t change it later.

• Next click install. You will be asked to put in your windows product key.
• Once this is done, the screen will switch to the normal Windows set up.
• Choose the version of Windows that you want to install and click Next.
• Click on Custom: Install Windows Only and Drive 0 Partition X: BOOTCAMP and nothing else.
• Click Next and this should take you into the Windows download process. Just follow the instructions.
• Once Windows has been installed, you will be asked to install the Bootcamp which includes various Windows support drivers. You may have to restart your Mac a few times but it’s important to complete this stage.
• Before you do anything else, go into Settings and Updates for Windows and check if there are any downloads that need to added. This makes sure the OS is up to date.
One good thing when you install Windows on Mac with Bootcamp is that it’s pretty easy to switch between the two. On Windows, you’ll find the Bootcamp icon in the hidden icon panel. Simply click on that and tap the button and it will restart OS.
Finally, to return to Windows, you need to restart your Mac and press down the Option key at which point you’ll get a choice of operating systems.